GiGi LoGic is a Fabless Semiconductor and Electronics Design Solutions company. We Specalize in ASIC/SoC/FPGA Design, Verificaion, IP Cores Development, System Modeling and Embedded Software development. Our mission is to help our customers to achieve low cost, high quality products on time through innovative methodologies and technologies.
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ASIC/SoC/FPGA Design Services ASIC/SoC/FPGA Functional Verification Services System Software and Modeling Services
  • ASIC/SoC Design
  • FPGA Design
  • IP Development
  • SOPC Design
  • ASIC/SoC Consultancy
  • Design Verification
  • IP Verification
  • IP Qualification
  • VIP Development
  • Verification Consultancy
  • System Models
  • System Models Validation
  • Virtual Platforms
  • Embedded Software
  • GNU Tools Porting